Forensic Art

Developed digital process & application of 3-dimensional facial reconstructions from CT & other scanning data of historical & archaeological skulls. Joshua’s method uses a combination of the three prevailing and accepted reconstruction techniques: Gatliff/Snow American Tissue Depth Method (developed by Ms. Betty Pat. Gatliff and Dr. Clyde Snow), the Manchester Method (adapted from Mikhail Gerasimov’s anatomical musculature approach), and Karen T. Taylor’s 2-dimensional reconstruction techniques.  Mr. Harker studied these methods directly with Gatliff & Taylor.  His digital method allows each process to be applied simultaneously which offers more potential accuracy in the reconstruction.

Nesmin: Egyptian High Priest of Akhmim – 300 BC
University Of Belgrade, Serbia (2011)
with Dr. Branislav Andelkovic (Asst. Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology)

Ti-Ameny-Net: Egyptian (750-656 BC)
University Of Richmond (2010)
with Caroline Cobert & Elizabeth P. Baughan (Asst. Professor of Classics and Archaeology)

Meresamun: Egyptian Priestess-Temple Singer – 800 BC
University of Chicago Oriental Insitute (2009)
with Dr. Emily Teeter (Egyptologist; Research Associate; Special Exhibits Coordinator)

Unknown: Middle Eastern Male (likely 20th century)
Loyola University (2008)
with Dr. Anne L. Grauer (Professor Anthropology/Paleopathology; Department Chair)

Miscellaneous Forensic Facial Reconstructions