Geometric interpretations based on vertices & planes.  First modeled digitally then translated into using various physical materials including paper, wood dowels, corrugated plastic, found sticks, metal conduit, wire, lumber, etc.

Taurus Geodesica

3D viewers


Geodesic Panel Skull Timelapse

Crania Geodesica: Papercraft  approx 8″ x 11″ x 7″ geodesic papercraft skull design


Crania Geodesica: Planar (digital)

Crania Geodesica: Vertice (digital)

Crania Geodesica: Carkeek (Seattle, WA)  10 foot geodesic skull public art installation created for Center on Contemporary Art “Heaven and Earth VI: As Above, So Below” in Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA  (7/12-10/21 2014).  Made from over 700 sticks gathered in Carkeek Park.  The open frame skull symbolizes our physical state of being and impermanence in the ever changing world. It stands as a testament to the human experience while the surrounding universe flows through it, existing wherein physical and spiritual states meet on a perpetual crossroads to briefly exist as one.  Use of materials specifically collected from the area for construction further support the metaphor that the organized manifestation of the piece comes from & belongs to the environment that it exists in.

IMG_1845 IMG_20140720_151830513