Shogyo Mujo

A fully 360° projection-mapped sculpture installation collaboration between Joshua Harker & BARTKRESA design.  Shogyo Mujo is a Japanese phrase & represents the 1st of the 3 marks of Dharma which suggests that all things are impermanent.  The concept is that the the skull represents our temporary physical state of being while our imagination & dreams are represented in the projection animations.  The installation symbolizes the temporary crossroads where they both exist as one.  The project is an exploration into creating art in 4-dimensions:  1D point in space where the event occurs, 2D projection patterns, 3D sculpture, 4D animated projections & the event as they occur in realtime.  The first fully realized presentation appeared as the centerpiece at the AdobeMAX 2014 Bash event following a 30′ trial exercise at Burning Man 2014.   Joshua’s first iteration was exhibited at La Calaca Festival 2013 in San Miguel de Allende, MX.

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Selected Press: Adobe InspireCreators Project, Ignite Channel

 Shogyu Mujo @ SIGGRAPH 2015 (8/11-8/13/2015)

Shogyo Mujo @ AdobeMAX Bash (10/7/14)

thank you to:  Adobe, ArcStone Casting & Design, Christie Digital, Tempest

Art on the Playa: Shogyo Mujo: Adobe Inspire Documentary (by Dan Cowles)


see here for Adobe Inspire Magazine Documentary: “Art on the Playa: Shogyo Mujo

Shogyo Mujo at Burning Man (8/27/14)

The piece was designed as a 30′ geodesic skull with full 360° projection & to be burned to the ground at festival end.  After 2 weeks of onsite work & within just hours of completion, the project was scaled back due to insurmountable environmental & logistic difficulties (i.e. monsoon level rain, hurricane force winds, desert heat, whiteout dust storms, limited resources, & preparation mishaps in light of the conditions).  Despite the overwhelming complications, construction of the full face & two spectacular projection presentations were accomplished in what is regarded as one of the harshest, most challenging, & unforgiving working environments.  The project would continue on & was fully realized just 5 weeks later at the AdobeMAX 2014 Bash event in Los Angeles, CA in full 360 degrees.

Tireless effort & dedication to the project were contributed by many.  Most notably a core group of people & supporters that helped push & pull the project despite the relentless circumstances & conditions.  Profound & special thanks & credit go directly to the following players: BARTKRESA design (Bart Kresa, Vincent Rogosyk, Dylan Roscover), Veronique Pittman, Jay Bublitz, WorldStage (Josh Silverman, Sarah Ibrahim, Dennis Alfonso, Raul Herrara), Christie Digital, David Lesser, Jozo Zovko, Alireza Lahijanian, Jennifer Teixeira, Andrew Pittman, Mike Tosner, Tempest Enclosures, & to all the many other helpers & supporters on the Playa 🙂