Tangle Sculpture Series

Joshua’s “Tangle” series set a new paradigm in the level of organic & compositional complexity unattainable with traditional mediums.  To fully appreciate the gravity of the pieces one must understand the practical impossibilities of their existence.  They are considered as the first shapes to break the design & manufacturing threshold of possibility with their technical sophistication.  This has been considered a landmark event in the history of sculpture & the chronology of the 3D printed medium & made him one of the most recognized artists in the field.

His pursuit of a process to bring his works into the 3rd dimension lasted nearly 20 years & culminated in 2004 with a perfect storm of software development, materials engineering, & 3d printing technology advancements.  He went on to navigate the creation of the “Tangle” series in the archival material of cast bronze, thus bridging the traditional techniques of the past with present.

Joshua states, “Stemming from 2D linear automatism explorations (pioneered by André Masson and practiced notably by Joan Miró, André Breton, Salvador Dalí, Jean Arp, and Pablo Picasso), my “Tangles” are intended to interpret and share forms evident in the mind’s eye but that cannot otherwise be described. My intent is to explore and give form to the architecture of the imagination. By disengaging the conscious mind I am able to examine esoteric visions before they submit to a recognizable metaphor. I am then able to capture and refine them into the forms I command offering the opportunity to study their identity and structure.”

Currently realized in cast bronze & 3D printed polyamide… (see here for process)