Nesmin Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Egyptian priest Nesmin digital forensic facial reconstruction for Dr. Branislav Andelkovic with the University of Belgrade. The mummy is from approx. 300BC.

Meresamun: 2800 Year Old Mummy Forensic Facial Reconstruction

I have been asked to return to the Chicago Humanities Day Festival at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago this October to to reprise my talk about the Meresamun facial reconstruction! ┬áIn mid 2009 I reconstructed the face of 2,800 year old mummy “Meresamun” from 256 CT scan database for The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Meresamun was an Egyptian woman who was a singer in the Interior of the Temple of Amun. She lived in ancient Thebes in about 800 B.C. and was the subject of an exhibition presented by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

I developed a 3D digital reconstruction process that is perfectly suited for reconstructions where the skull is physically unavailable, too fragile to be handled, or too valuable to risk damage or contamination. Also, it is more accurate than traditional sculptural techniques alone because of the ability to reference the skull continuously to maintain & confirm proper tissue depths & contours. The approach also offers many options in coloring, lighting, and is easily accessorized with hair, jewelry, etc. It was a perfect match for this project. The groundbreaking detail of the Meresamun CT scan offered such a unique opportunity for visualizing & studying such a fascinating piece of history without disturbing it. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to give her a face.

I gave a lecture at the 31st Annual Chicago Humanities Day Festival regarding the reconstruction. Besides the Oriental Institute’s Meresamun Exhibit, the reconstruction was also featured in Archaeology Magazine, KMT Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, on MSNBC, & Fox News, & countless other feeds on the internet. An interview with me regarding forensic art was also featured in Archaeology Magazine.

Check out these links for more about Meresamun & my reconstruction:

Special thanks to Egyptologist & curator Dr. Emily Teeter, Radiologist Dr. Michael Vannier, & everyone at the Oriental Institute!

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