Q– Can I purchase or commission an original drawing or sculpture?
A– Certainly, contact me directly to discuss size, medium, location, budget, etc.

Q– Can I get a discount if I purchase multiple prints/sculptures/etc.?
A– I do not feel I can ethically offer discounts for limited edition works, particularly when I’m outwardly trying to add to the value of my work & your investment.  If you are a gallery or business  contact me to arrange for gallery/reseller pricing.

Q– Can I post your images on my blog?
A– Absolutely, but please include a credit/copyright as well as a link to my website:  joshharker.com

Q– Can I publish your work in my print/magazine/publication?
A– Yes, but only with my consent.  Please contact me with a request

Q– Can I post your images on my website?
A– Yes, but if your website is a business or for profit it must have my approval. Please understand that if you are going to profit from my work even indirectly, you must get my permission


  • All prints are printed individually on demand after purchase
  • Giclee Prints are printed on the highest quality 100% cotton rag paper (these are museum quality prints)
  • Giclee limited edition prints are hand signed & numbered
  • Metallic Photo prints are on archival 100 year (200 year dark storage) photo paper
  • It is highly recommended that all prints be protected & displayed away from direct sunlight and moisture for longest life & quality


  • White polyamide sculptures should be kept out of direct sunlight as they can yellow from UV exposure


  • All Photo Prints are shipped flat
  • All Giclee Prints are shipped in a tube

Exchanges for damaged delivery or manufacturing defect only

If you do not see your question answered here, please contact to discuss