Professional Recognition

Print, Press & Publications.
Featured Artist:  Lucas Museum of Narrative Art: Digital Sculpture
Cover & Feature:  Product Design & Development Magazine (April 2014) “Behind the Mask”
Cover & Feature:  TCT Magazine (6/2013) “Leaders of the New School”
Cover & Feature:  3D Printmag #1
Cover & Feature:  Mail & Guardian (7/5/2013) “3D Printing Takes Art Into Another Dimension”
Cover & Feature:  Oriental Institute News & Notes (#202) “Face to Face With Meresamun”
Cover & Feature Image:  We Demain Magazine #1
Cover:  “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution” by Chris Anderson
Cover:  The Culinary Institute of America’s “Mise En Place” Magazine (June 2015)
Cover :  “Printing Things” by Gestalten
Cover:  Julkaisija Magazine (6/2014)
Rear Cover:  LAMINATE Magazine “Most Wanted Vol.2 – Signed & Sealed”
Rear Cover:  “Birmingham Weekender 2015
Feature Image:  MIT Technology Review “Neuroscience’s New Toolbox” (July/August 2014, pages 20-21)
Feature Image:  Euro am Sonntag (2/2014, page 18) “Viel zu wild fur das Wohnzimmer”
Feature Article:  Idol Magazine #9 Surrealism Issue
Feature Article:  Montage Magazine (Winter 2013-2014) “The Art of 3D Printing”
Feature Article:  3D Artist Magazine #36 “How to Make the Impossible Possible”
Feature Article:  Staal Magazine (4/2012, page9) “Bijna Duizend Mensen Betaalden Mee Aan Dit Kunstwerk”
Feature Article:  Photonics Spectra (4/2014, page 74) “The Devil Wears… 3D Printed Plastic?”
Catalog:  Manifest Gallery “Magnitude 7” Exhibition
Catalog:  Center on Contemporary Art Heaven & Earth VI: “As Above So Below” Exhibit
Catalog:  Southwestern University/Brown Symposium XXXVII “What Things May Come”
Program:  Wayne Art Center  “Emergence: Craft+Technology  2015” Exhibit
Program:  Bedford Gallery/Lesher Center for the Arts “The Skull Show” Exhibit
Program:  2011 ArtFutura Exhibition
Program:  2014 3D Printshow Art Exhibit
Program:  2013 3D Printshow Art Exhibit

Best Of America Sculpture Artists Volume II” by Adam & Renee Kennedy
American Alliance of Museums: Trendswatch 2015” by  Center for the Future of Museums
3D Technology in Fine Art & Craft” by Bridgette Mongeon
Digital Handmade: Craftsmanship and the New Industrial Revolution” by Lucy Johnston
Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing” by Hod Lipson & Melba Kurman
The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Success Stories of Artists, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs” by Don Steinberg
Die Macher der dritten industriellen Revolution: Das Maker Movement” by Petra Fastermann
Picturing the Past: Imaging & Imagining the Ancient Middle East” by Oriental Institute Museum Publications
Issues in Ethnology & Anthropology” by Branislav Andelkovic
Technology Review (4/2014, page 59) “Druck dir Deine Welt”
National Geographic : Serbian Edition (11/2011) “3-d lice Beogradske mumije”
Sauk Valley News (4/21/2011): “The tangled art he weaves”
Make:  Magazine (Winter 2013):  “10 Coolest Objects”
Science/AAAS Magazine (7/22/2011): “In the Hands of Mummy Experts, Ancient Faces Gain New Life”
KMT Magazine (Volume 20, #4): “The Reconstruction of Meresamun’s Face
NBC News (6/24/2009) “Face of Long Dead Mummy Brought Back to Life”
Chicago Tribune (5/17/2015) National Restaurant Show coverage
San Diego Union-Tribune (7/1/2009) USA Today (6/21/2009) “Forensics Offers Two Glimpses of Mummy’s Face”
Ancient Egypt Magazine “A Mummy’s Life” (2009 Special Edition)
University Of Chicago News (6/22/2009) “Cold Case Techniques Bring Mummy’s Face to Life”
Fox News “Ancient Mummy’s Face Recreated With CT Scans” (6/25/2009) by Clara Moskowitz
Chicago Tribune “Forensic Artists Put Different Faces on 2800-year-old Mummy” (6/2009)
USA Today (6/21/2009) “Artist Offers Hints at Mummy’s Former Face” by UPI
Archaeology Magazine (6/2009) “Interview with Josh Harker”
Archaeology Magazine (6/2009) “Getting By On Her Looks”

3D Printer:  “Joshua Harker on the Third Industrial Revolution”
3DPrinting Industry:   multiple articles
Beautiful Decay:  “Joshua Harker’s Unbelievable 3D Printed Sculptures Influenced By Symmetry and Nature”“
Boing Boing:  “Crania Anatomica Filigre on Kickstarter”
CNN:  “Impossible art: Mind-bending, 3-D printed masterpieces“
Colossal:  “Anatomical 3D Self-Portrait by Joshua Harker”
Cool Hunting:  multiple articles
CORE77:  multiple articles
Creep Machine:  multiple articles
Dazed & Confused:  Show Announcement
Design Envy:  “Crania Anatomica: Joshua Harker“
Dudecraft:  “Joshua Harker’s Filigree Skulls”
The Economist (2:02):  “Collaborative Manufacturing: All together now”
The Examiner:  “Joshua Harker: Ideas worth spreading”
Fabaloo:  multiple articles
Forbes:  “3D Printing, Shapeways, and the Future of Personal Products”
Gizmodo:  multiple articles
Hi-Fructose:  “The Intricate 3D-Printed Sculptures of Joshua Harker”
Huffington Post:  “14 Ways 3D Printing Has Changed The Art World”
i.materialise:  “A New 3D Design App Featuring Joshua Harker”
Junkculture:  Crania Anatomica”
Laughing Squid:  multiple articles
Make: Magazine:  multiple articles
Mashable:  “A Mind-Boggling Display of Art, Fashion and Design”
NOTCOT:  multiple articles
Popular Mechanics:  “Laser-Sintered Wearable Art and More”
Popular Science:  “9 Amazing Pieces Of 3-D-Printed Art”
Popular Science:  “The Craziest Looks From The 3-D Printed Fashion Catwalk”
PC World:  “3D Printing Helps Artist Create Cool, Intricate Sculptures”
Lost At E Minor:  multiple articles
Shapeways:  multiple articles
Solid Smack:  multiple articles
TCT Magazine/Personalize:  multiple Articles
TIME Magazine:  “The Kickstarter Economy”
Trendhunter:  multiple Articles
Venture Beat:  “Design and print 3D objects”
Wall Street Journal:  “Quarterly Banks On ‘Wonderful Things’ To Drive Its Subscription Service”
We Demain:  “Joshua Harker fait entrer l’art dans la troisème dimension”
WIRED Magazine:  multiple articles

Los Angeles Times (3/10/2013): “Designs Set Free On Another Dimension”
Encyclopedia Britannica: “Overview of 3D Printing”
aNewDomain: “3D Printing: Art or Technology?”
Solid Smack: ALS Benefit
3D Creative Magazine: 100th Issue: “Explore 3D-Printed Art”
Making Society: “Joshua Harker on 3D Printed Art”
Ladies & Gents: “Visionary at Work”
3D Printer World:  “3D Printer World Interview with Joshua Harker”
MAKE Magazine:  “A Conversation With 3D Artist Joshua Harker”
Creative Spotlights:  “Interview with the incredible 3D Printer/Sculpture/ Troublemaker – Joshua Harker”
3D Artist Magazine #54:  “The Revolution Will Be Printed”
Shapeways:  “An Interview with Joshua Harker on 3D Printing, Kickstarter and the 3rd Industrial Revolution“
Pipe Dream:  “Joshua Harker prints the Third Industrial Revolution”
Major Technicality (slide to 38:32)
Etsy Short Stories:  “Filigree Skulls”
VAULT:  “Joshua Harker”
Gallery Nucleus:  “Q&A with Joshua Harker”
Art & Tech:  “Interview with Joshua Harker”

Awards & Nominations.
2016  BCSC Purple Apple Award
2015  Coolhunting/Cadillac Top 25 Innovators
2015  Laval Award Nomination
2015  Live Design Excellence Awards Nomination
2014  3D Printshow “Artist of the Year” Nomination
2013  3D Printshow “Artist of the Year” Nomination
2013  North Scott Community  Visual Arts Patron Award
2011-2015  #1 most funded Sculpture project Kickstarter
2009  33rd Annual Beverly Arts Center Competition “Best 3 Dimensional” Award

–  Internationally recognized artist with distinguished 25+ year record of innovation & accomplishment
–  Considered pioneer & visionary in 3d printed medium
–  Merged technologies & multi-dimensional mediums into large scale public installations
–  Credited as 1st to break the design & manufacturing threshold of possibility
–  Multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns including #1 most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter history
–  Featured extensively in major press & publications globally
–  Placement of fine art collection in galleries & retail outlets internationally
–  Founded invention & design bureau “Paradigm Development Group” servicing global corporations & Fortune 500 companies. Served as CEO for 10 years (1998-2008)
–  Chief Executive leadership for 20 years (S-Corp small business level)
–  Advisor & Consultant to major brand corporations
–  Biometrics innovation merging 3d scanning technology & 3d printing
–  Pioneered digital sculpting & CT scan processing for forensic facial reconstruction
–  Invented and commercially implemented “foamed wax” process for investment casting
–  Refined, documented and commercially implemented vacuum/pressure urethane casting process
–  Hold U.S. patents

Lectures, Consulting, Advisory.
2017  Central Michigan University – Mt. Pleasant, MI (Lecture)
2017  CMU “Materialized” Show – Mt. Pleasant, MI  (Juror)
2016  EOS North America User Day – Chicago , IL (Lecture)
2016  Informatica IT Kickoff Offsite Event Vancouver, BC (Keynote)
2015  Design Museum Boston – Boston, MA (Judge)
2015  Adobe Tech Summit – San Francisco, CA (Keynote)
2015  3D PrinterWorld Expo – Burbank, CA (Lecture)
2015  Pinshape – Vancouver, BC (Market Advisor)
2014  Proctor & Gamble – Cincinnati, OH (Consultant)
2014  Amazon (Market Advisor)
2014  FOX TV – “Bones” Series (Consultant)
2014  3D Printshow – New York City, NY (Lecture)
2015  Adobe (Beta Tester)
2013  3D Printshow – Paris, FR (Lecture)
2013  3D Printshow – London, UK (Lecture)
2013  Uformia (Consultant & Market Advisor)
2013  Agents of The Revolution – Johannesburg, ZA (Lecture)
2013  TCT/Personalize – Birmingham, UK (Lecture)
2013  Landing Gallery – Rockland, ME (Juror)
2013  World Science Festival / Innovation Square – New York City (lecture)
2012  Klein Artist Works (Webinar)
2012  TEDx Binghamton – Binghamton, NY (Lecture)
2012  Openhouse/3DEA Gallery – New York City, NY (Lecture)
2012  Sulzen-Zamudio Fine Arts Studio – Chicago, IL (lecture)
2011  Columbia College – Chicago, IL (Lecture)
2011  7th Annual World Mummy Congress – San Diego, CA (Lecture)
2010  Chicago Humanities Festival – Chicago, IL (Lecture)
2010  American Academy Of Art – Chicago, IL (Lecture)
2010  Universal Design – Cedar Rapids, IA (Consultant)
2009  Chicago Humanities Festival – Chicago, IL (Lecture)
2009  STA-MED, LLC – Chicago, IL (Consultant)
2008  Whoopass Enterprises – Chicago, IL (Consultant)
2003  Palette & Chisel Fine Arts Academy – Chicago, IL (Figure Sculpture Teacher)
2003  After School Matters/Gallery 37 – Chicago, IL (Portrait Sculpture Teacher)
1996  Isabel Bloom L.L.C. – Davenport, IA (Consultant)
1991  Jan Nahrgang – East Moline, IL (Assistant Teacher)

TEDx: Making the Unmakeable  VAULT Interview Shapeways Interview


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